Moscow police command college

Past Programs


Group # 3


The third phase of the Moscow Police Command College (MPCC) was initiated in Columbia, South Carolina on October 4, 1999 with the arrival of 20 Moscow police administrators. Participants were particularly specialized in areas of police administration, police training, forensic science, and criminal investigation.

All of the participants received intensive English language instruction at the International University in Moscow prior to their arrival allowing for a much more productive and enjoyable program. While in the U.S., professional interpreters are utilized during classroom sessions and student interpreters during social situations. During the third program, Moscow police chiefs were exposed to lectures, classroom discussions, focus groups as well as patrol ride-alongs and visits to federal, state and local criminal justice agencies. The group also had a chance to visit the FBI Academy in Quantico, Virginia as well as meet with U.S. Senator Strom Thurmond at the U.S. Capitol in Washington DC. This blend of educational and cultural experiences continues to create an atmosphere in which learning was made exciting and personal relationships were established.

The Chief and Sheriff Symposium introduced into the second phase curriculum was

again well received by both Russian and American officials. This experience provided key law enforcement professionals throughout South Carolina the opportunity to interact with Moscow police officials on a variety of management related topics. The MPCC continues to receive unlimited support and positive feedback from the growing list of distinguished law enforcement agencies. Careful attention is given to the balance between experiential learning and classroom instruction. Representatives from the Lexington and Richland County Sheriff•s Department as well as the Columbia Police Department were readily available in offering unlimited support and resources.

Since their return to Russia, several of these Moscow police officials have been promoted since their participation in the MPCC. The MPCC staff in Columbia, South Carolina was very pleased with the results of the third program.

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